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Rolle Urges Peers to Straighten Up

Former Free National Movement Senator Lanisha Rolle yesterday urged politicians aspiring for leadership roles to cease from “unethical and factually unlawful” behaviour, charging that such behaviour should not be tolerated or accepted as the norm in a civil society.


Not identifying anyone specifically, Mrs. Rolle admonished her peers to maintain a high level of integrity and maturity in their pursuit of leadership.


“It is a well-known fact that the global political directorate is faced with a fervent demand for change. The electorate of societies are demanding change in political faces, cultures and practices, and the Bahamas is no different,” she said.


“We as a country and people endeavoring to make an indelible mark in the global arena, must reflect the ability to adapt to change. Hence, our leaders must not resist change, or merely demonstrate an appearance of change, but it is incumbent upon them to embrace change wholeheartedly to obtain the confidence of the masses,” she added.


Mrs. Rolle also asserted that her peers should be focused on gaining the confidence of all Bahamians in an effort to revamp the political system of yesteryear.


She strongly feels that Bahamians are discontented with the present state of affairs, and she urges them to realize that they hold the power to effect the needed change in parliament.


“Hence, having listened to the cry of my people from the least to the greatest, I recognize that our country is at a pivotal crossroad, the youth requires opportunities, the poor needs work, the middle class calls for fairness, and the rich and wealthy demand quality leadership,” said Mrs. Rolle.


“Based on these needs, I am of the opinion that during this upcoming election, people will vote for the party that represents a united collective exhibiting the true potential to meet their individual needs,” she added.


Ten days after her resignation from the senate, Mrs. Rolle assured that she remains steadfast and committed in her quest to serve the country.


Two Fridays ago the former senator officially resigned after sparking much controversy within her party, after asserting that certain members of the party were jealous of party leader, Dr. Hubert Minnis.


However, according to Mrs. Rolle, her resignation was due to the fact that she had personal goals to accomplish, which would have conflicted with her duties as senator.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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