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“PM is Unstable”, says Dr. Minnis

Top Photo Fnm Press Conference4

Top Photo Fnm Press Conference4

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis while renewing his call for Prime Minister Perry Christie to resign, said the nation’s leader is unstable and unfit to lead the country.

These sentiments came after the prime minister on Monday night, used an obscene gesture during a Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) rally in the Fox Hill Constituency.

Dr. Minnis, during a press conference at his party’s headquarters on Mackey Street yesterday, called Mr. Christie a bad example for the nation’s youth.

“He is one I would term as an obscene prime minister, and his gesture was more than rude. It was obscene. His gesture was fowl, and has absolutely no place in the public domain. I along with all the well thinking Bahamians were shocked, a cry of public embarrassment displayed by our prime minister,” Dr. Minnis said.

“This behaviour to my knowledge is the first, and hopefully the last time a sitting prime minister from our God fearing nation publicly curses at Bahamians by using such profane gestures,” he said.

Furthermore, Dr. Minnis charged that the prime minister has personality challenges.

“And our prime minister must know that regardless to where he is, he represents The Bahamas and should behave accordingly,” Dr. Minnis said.

“His arrogance has no limits. His behaviour is that of someone who has become unhinged and extremely unstable; and our country needs strong moral leadership. Our international reputation is now at stake,” he continued.

“I must say that our international reputation has already been tarnished by this prime minister and this PLP government,” Dr. Minnis said.

The FNM leader urged all religious leaders and civic organisations to condemn the prime minister for his actions, seeking an immediate apology.

Dr. Minnis also renewed a call for Mr. Christie to call an immediate election.

He insisted that an election called now would mean the firing of the Christie administration.

The FNM leader reiterated that the prime minister has set “a bad example” for the country.

“He has set a bad example for our children, our young people and this nation; at such a time when we are burdened with so much social unrest,” he added.

Echoing these sentiments yesterday was Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney, who said Mr. Christie’s action was not becoming of a leader; adding that he should resign.

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