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Cabinet Ministers Back PM’s Public Gesture

Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald and Agriculture Minister V. Alfred Gray are defending Prime Minister Perry Christie’s actions yesterday after the nation’s chief “flipped a bird” on Monday night.

The cabinet ministers, who spoke to reporters, said there is a thin line that too many politicians cross and that is attacking family.

There were mixed reactions from politicians and the Bahamian public to Mr. Christie “flipping the bird” in response to a person he deemed a lunatic after being told to deny the fact he owned a condominium.

“I think the prime minister will have to speak for himself with regard to that but I think there’s a broader issue that I see that in this country we’ve gotten to the point where it appears as if we don’t understand and appreciate boundaries,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

“We came in to public life understanding that there would be criticism of us. Constructive criticism we accept that, but we never really signed on and I think it’s inappropriate for persons to think that they can attack our family members for no good reason.”

Mr. Gray however felt that the PM’s actions were quite justified.

“I think enough is enough and I believe the prime minister’s reaction is strong and I hope they get it,” Mr. Gray said.

“If you want to criticize his government, do that, if you want to criticize his methods, do that but I will say today when you mess with my wife and my children that’s a different paradigm.”

In the wake of the photo being circulated, many have also suggested that the PM apologize or even resign.

The Bahama Journal took to the streets to get feedback from the people.

“I think it’s unbecoming,” said one man.

Meanwhile another young man, Carlton said if he knew the reasoning behind it maybe he would be able to form an opinion.

After being educated on what occurred prior to the gesture he said he felt the action was justified.

“Now that I know I think it’s justified, I really didn’t know how to respond at first.”

The Progressive Liberal Party’s expected to hold another outdoor branch meeting tomorrow night at The Garvin Tynes Primary School in the Carmichael Constituency.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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