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Murder Accused Breaks Silence- Kofthe Goodman Maintains Innocence

Despite his initial decision to not give testimony in his own defense, murder accused Kofhe Goodman broke his silence yesterday, charging that he never killed anyone.

Just as lead prosecutor, Garvin Gaskin presented closing submissions the case, Goodman stood up in the prisoner’s dock and told the judge he could no longer listen to lies the lead prosecutor was telling the jury.

“I ain’t kill no one,” he told a packed courtroom.

“I ain’t put no clothes in no garbage. Mr. Gaskin is telling lies and I want to be excused while he is talking. I mean, who would kill someone and put their body next to their house, that doesn’t make any sense.”

At that point, Justice Bernard Turner asked Goodman whether he was voluntarily asking to be excused.

The accused said ‘yes’ and police escorted him back to Central Police Station.

Police believe Goodman is the man behind the September 2011 murder of 11-year-old Marco Archer.

The youngster left his Brougham Street and Baillou Hill Road home on September 23, 2011 to buy candy, but never returned.

Marco was found five days later in bushes behind a Yorkshire Street, Cable Beach apartment where Goodman lived.

Prior to Goodman speaking, the lead prosecutor told jurors that where a child is taken without authority is called child stealing.

Mr. Gaskin said the prosecution’s view is that Goodman is responsible for the abduction of Archer and the reason for it was to have unlawful sex.

Despite objection from Goodman’s attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson’s, Mr. Gaskin continued.

The lead prosecutor said the reason police found no DNA in the Yorkshire Street apartment was because “the defendant gave the apartment a makeover.”

He said the days prior to Goodman’s arrest were his “cleanup” days.

The attorney added that evidence of that was found in the white Nissan Maxima that was connected to Goodman.

In the vehicle, photographed during the investigation, were Festival, Clorox bleach and Tilex bottles.

Testimony during trial revealed that bleach can chemically alter blood so that it goes undetected; something Mr. Gaskin advised the jury to keep in mind.

He also told jurors that the day police found Marco’s body, the garbage truck was through the corner.

He said 15 minutes later and Marco’s clothes would have “been lost forever.”

In his client’s defense, attorney, Geoffrey Farquharson admonished jurors not to allow themselves to be “caught up in what he called the darkness” the prosecution was trying to present to them.

He said the case was a simple one and that there were basic elements that the prosecution had to satisfy; that Goodman intentionally caused Archer’s death, that that death was caused by unlawful harm and that the death was caused within a year and day of his injuries.

Jurors also heard how those elements have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, which according to the defence attorney, the prosecution has not done.

Mr. Farquharson went on to refer to testimony from the victim’s mother.

During the trial, Tryphemia Meadows described her son as a small, 11-year-old boy, weighing 90 pounds with a scar under his left eye.

But according to Mr. Farquharson, that could not be true as none of the officers or the pathologist who testified in the matter, noted there was a scar under the left eye.

“The prosecution plans to use ya’ll as a murder weapon to kill this man in the back here,” Mr. Farquharson said pointing to his client.

Justice Turner is expected to sum up the case today after which the jury will be sequestered until a verdict is reached.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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