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ICS Prepared To Forfeit Contract

Steven Greenslade

In the wake of his company receiving major flack in recent days, President and CEO of ICS Security Concepts, Stephen Greenslade said he is prepared to go to all lengths to protect the reputation of his company even if that means forfeiting his $2.7 million a year government contract.

On Wednesday, Mr. Greeslade said many people who bash the ankle bracelet system simply do not know how it works and that includes some government officials, who have gone on record to say that they are not sure if the programme is effective.

Mr. Greenslade said, quite frankly, his job is to monitor and report, not to protect and serve.

“The system is working perfectly,” he said. “The monitor centre’s job is to monitor the offender. That is what we do consistently every day, 24 hours per day.

“We did not issue the offenders with bullet proof vest or armor protection. Those that fell victim to crime, God rest their souls, were unfortunate circumstances, but an ankle bracelet is not designed to stop a bullet or brace against the attack of a deadly weapon. We have very little control over where they go if they were not given court ordered restrictions. We could see where they go via GPS tracking, not camera surveillance. We could direct the police straight to them, which we have done score of times since the program started.”

On Monday, a man who was out on bail was found dead, decomposing through a tract road at the South Beach canals.

The victim, who sources said is 32-year-old Anthony Fox Rolle, was wearing an ankle bracelet, similar to a number of other men who were either found dead or committing crimes.

A former police officer himself, Mr. Greenslade said he welcomes the government to go in and conduct a complete audit of the process and ask him any questions to decide if they want to keep or severe ties.

He said he is so confident in the service provided that he is willing to forfeit a nearly $3 million a year government contract to alleviate all the headache and finger pointing.

“I don’t mind giving this up if we will continue this back and forth in the media and not come to the table and discuss whatever are perceived issues and get past those barriers and move on,” he added.

“If we’re going to be here in the next couple months, I’d rather give this to someone else because I can focus on my goals and aspirations as a person and for this organisation. I could replace this contract quickly, in terms of its value to this organisation.”

Mr. Greenslade added that much of the government’s criticisms were too hasty as, to his knowledge, it has yet to do a thorough evaluation of the system to see how it functions; a system he said should strengthen its other arms.

“This bracelet cannot stop anyone from committing a crime unless the person is confined and once they breach that confinement we get a signal and report that information to the police and the police goes and collect that individual before they are able to commit a crime.

“I would like to see every offender who is placed on this system for serious crime given restrictions.”

Mr. Greenslade said if the government does decide to pull his contract it will be an arduous process removing the bracelets from the 386 people wearing them.

While he declined to comment on what this could mean for the crime fight, hedid say there could be major interruptions.

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