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Mitchell Reveals PLP Plans

New Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell said the party is recommitted coming out of their convention and has started to rebuild.

After an eventful three-day convention Senator Mitchell said plans are in the works to revisit communities that they would have been to during their campaign and try to concretize what will be the specific proposals PLP’s would want to advance the party.

“I know that one of them is constitutional reform. So I’d like to reconstitute the constitution commission and see what the leaders’ ideas are on that,” Mitchell said.

He added that before going into their communities there will be some house keeping as they meet to finalize leadership appointments and flesh out their leadership team.

As they seek to rebuild, rebrand and present a new PLP, Mr. Mitchell says the next step would be to put in place party leader Philip Brave Davis’ plan to professionalize the public relations and marketing in the party.

Senator Mitchell also extended thanks to PLP supporters and well-wishers for their support during their 53rd convention.

“This convention was in many ways a watershed event for the party. It solidified the transition to a new leader, arguably for only the third time in its 64 year old history. It saw the historic participation of people from across the country from all age demographics in the convention; it cemented a commitment to rebranding and rebuilding the PLP,” Mitchell said.

He added that despite the challenges faced with the internal election, it was conducted without rancor and with grace.

“I made mental notes as to the reasons that the election went as it did. Part of the reason was that the list had not been settled until later in the morning than people expected. I think that a digital platform is what we should be looking at to move the process forward in the future,” Mitchell said.

He added that in rebuilding, they have a renewed commitment to economic empowerment and a desire to see the party once more take its place as the great influencer of public policy, and the defender of national independence and sovereignty.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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