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BUT President concerned about viral video

Education officials say they are awaiting the findings of an internal investigation to determine what future course of action should be taken in relation to a video that made the rounds on social media Wednesday.
The video showed what appeared to be students dancing inappropriately in the courtyard of a public school campus.
Many on social media publicly questioned what would be done and why what was happening was even allowed to take place.
The President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers, Belinda Wilson says ,“this gives us further reasons to question our children’s behaviors’ and yes, I am familiar with the dance. It’s very provocative with sexual gyrations, but they did not learn it in schools,” she said.
“I’m not saying the teacher doesn’t have responsibility, but they did not learn it in school and I want to really impress upon parents to speak with their young daughters, because that is not the manner in which they should behaving in public.”
It is alleged that the video was recorded on The H.O.Nash school property.
The video, having been recorded with a cell phone, Mrs. Wilson said brought up additional concerns.
“If the principal confiscates a cell phones from a student and the parents come on the campus, that could cause a conflict. If the principal or teacher were to confiscate a cell phone and they are keeping it in the office and it’s stolen, then who will be responsible for replacing it,” he said.
“So I think the conversation needs to be had. One, with the behavior of the students at that event at school; two, where were the administrators and staff and teachers and even security officers, and three, how do we address these types of matters going forward,” said the educator.


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