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Minnis Blasts Govt on NHI

Being a physician and having some medical expertise Opposition leader Dr. Hubert Minnis yesterday made a case to why the government should scratch the idea of rolling out national health insurance with primary care and instead focus on catastrophic illnesses.

“The government’s own consultant on NHI has advised us that there are over 6,100 individuals who may suffer catastrophic medical conditions, the prime minister said they would provide 24 million dollars to cover incidents of this nature.

“24 million dollars for 6,100 people is clearly not enough cover these instances The FNM will bring forth catastrophic medical assistance to rescue these people, Dr. Minnis said.

Furthermore he added that many people die at the Princess Margaret Hospital due to the inefficient system in place with the Accident and emergency section.

“The prime minister constantly complains that 700 Bahamians die annually giving the impression that this National health Insurance Bill Will resolve this issue but I say to you Mr. prime Minister that happens because of overcrowding in our accident and emergency room.

“Over 57,184 patients visit our Accident and Emergency room annually, about 20% 11, 436 leave without being seen,” Dr. Minnis said.

Prime Minister Perry Christie responded by saying his government is only following models put in place by other countries.

“We’re working hard on that area and we’ve been having some success and we’re watching it carefully in respect to crime, and so with all the matters to do with the functioning of primary care and access to Bahamians of that we are satisfied.

“I am satisfied that we are laying the basis for a wonderful program but you (Dr. Minnis) can’t tell us that you are going offer catastrophic insurance.

“I’m saying we are going to phase like every other country introducing National Health Insurance, we are going to phase this in and build upon the experience and do it comprehensively and the best we can.

The House reconvenes on August 31st.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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