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MPs Condemn Malicious Song

A derogatory song which has been making its rounds on social media was lambasted by two Parliamentarians yesterday during the afternoon session of the House of Assembly.

MP for Tall Pines Leslie Miller and MP for West Grand Bahama and Bimini Obie Wilchcombe condemned the song as not only “disgusting” but also adding that all Bahamians should condemn the song.

“It brought tears to my tears because I’ve never heard something so despicable that could be said about other decent human beings in all my life,” Mr. Miller said.

“There are some among us who believe they have the right to ridicule, to tear apart decent people in our country. I am very pained about that today. These things cannot be allowed in our country.”

Mr. Wilchcombe referred to the fact that members of the community expect so much out of members of the government; however treat them with such little respect.

“We have to stop believing that our political leaders should be taken for granted. Where is the respect for our political leaders,” he said.

“They expect so much from our political leaders but yet they show them so much disrespect.”

Over the weekend, the Grand Bahama Human Rights Association (GBHRA) called for the immediate release two young men the police had in custody in connection with the song.

“We strongly urge the police to recognize that they should not interfere in matters of freedom of expression and that seeking to charge these men with criminal libel is an anti-democratic and reactionary response which has absolutely no place in a modern society,” the group said.

“The lyrics of the song are indeed shocking, offensive and derogatory. However, that is not enough to justify interference with the right to freedom of expression, which is guaranteed by the Bahamas Constitution – much less deprive the singers of their liberty.”

The group said while they condemn the thoughts expressed they urge authorities “to recognize that individuals who may feel libeled or defamed have appropriate redress through the civil courts.”

“First of all they never condemned what took place. And they themselves went after the prime minister in their own way,” Mr. Miller said.

“These things are played over and over and people take it for a joke in a very sinful way. It needs to stop, it must stop. I mean filth of the highest order.”

Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander said the suspects they had in custody have been released.

When asked asked as to what charges would be brought against the producers of the song, Fernander said they were working with the Attorney General’s Office to determine that.

He also made it clear that charges will be brought against the perpetrators.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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