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Ingraham Says No To FNM

Hubert Ingrahm 1

Hubert Ingrahm 1Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham says he will not accept a nomination for any office within the Free National Movement (FNM) and will remains retired, shooting down all speculations the he would during the party’s convention.

Mr. Ingraham’s statement was in a letter sent to FNM Chairman Sidney Collie.

Yesterday, rumors filled the airwaves following widespread reports that the name of former Mr. Ingraham might have been nominated for the leadership position.

However, the letter stated, “To be clear, should my name be proposed as a nominee to any position at the Convention you should accept this letter as the authority to declare that I have declined the nomination.

“Various personalities have often clashed during our 45-year history but when the dust settles we remain the party whose leaders espouse the best vision for a free and democratic Bahamas committed to the economic and social empowerment of all Bahamians.”

The letter was requested to be made available not only to the party chair but the Rules Committee Chairman, the Convention Session Chairman at the time of nominations and to any other person who wished to have a copy.

Mr. Ingraham pledged his full support to the party and whatever leadership team emerges from this week’s convention.

If Mr. Ingraham did not object to accepting the nomination, some supporters said they would whole heartedly accept the possibility; while others say it would only be a step back for the country to an era of misguided decisions.

Moreover, some supporters are reportedly organizing paraphernalia for Mr. Ingraham’s return, nearly five years after he retired and Dr. Minnis took over the helm.

During Love 97’s daily talk show, “Issues of the Day” with host Wendall Jones there were mixed responses to the possibility of Mr. Ingraham’s return in any political capacity.

“I hope Mr. Ingraham is sensible enough, even if he is nominated to tell them go ahead do your work, run this country… he should decline the nomination,” the first caller said.

“I think we should really give Dr. Minnis a try. This is not the time. Even if Mr. Ingraham is nominated I think he would do the honorable thing, thank the people and throw his support behind the man who cleaned up the dirt that he left behind (that) no one else would touch,” another caller said.

“Dr. Minnis was able to do that, and by the grace of God he is able to run this country certainly he is able to run the FNM let’s give him a try and go ahead and Roc with Doc.”

However, another caller felt should the party feel Mr. Ingraham is a choice, then he should be given another chance.

“If the FNM feel that someone who has proven himself to be a person fit and it is necessary to call him back for reinstatement, then, I am for that whole heartedly,” he said.

Ethric Bowe, one of several businessmen, affected by the road reversal that changed parts of the Baillou Hill Road and Market Street corridors into a one-way traffic system during Mr. Ingraham’s tenure, welcomed the idea of Mr. Ingraham returning to front line politics but for other reasons.

“Mr. Ingraham has a lot to answer for it would be good if comes back so we could put pressure back on him again to have him account,” Mr. Bowe said.

“If we want good governance in this country Mr. Jones we need three things: We need accounting, accountability and transparency. Even though they promised us that under the government in the sunshine we have never had accounting accountability and transparency in The Bahamas. That’s the one thing we need. We need to put systems in place so that we are properly governed. .”

Decision day for FNM leader hopefuls will take place on Friday the 29th of July, during the final night of the convention.

The FNM’s National Convention takes place at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort on Cable Beach.



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