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Bahamians Are Losing Out Big Time Due To Foolish Outrage

By P.J. Malone

Selfish and politically motivated individuals have spoken out against stem cell research in the Bahamas to our own detriment. Thousands of Bahamians who may suffer from cancer could lose out on the treatment options stem cell research could bring because its opponents are seeking to achieve their own personal agendas.

Here was the plan before foolish outrage stopped it in its tracks. Fashion mogul Peter Nygard had plans to build an ultra-modern stem cell medical stem cell facility in The Bahamas with an investment of more than $100 million.

A past Bahama Journal article explains that Thailand is considered the industry leader in stem cell research and the intent was to have the Bahamas facility compete with them.

Despite the Government’s action to enact revolutionary stem cell legislation, which would have allowed the Bahamas to capitalize on the opportunity for medical tourism, Bahamians stand to lose out big time.

Now, Nygard may be looking to invest his 100 million elsewhere. So let’s review again what we may be losing out on besides the countless jobs lost. For our purposes, we are focused on adult stem cells.

Stem cells are cells that are found in each individual’s body inside of different types of tissues. For example, they are found in the brain, bone marrow, blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscles, skin, and the liver, according to

These cells have the ability to divide itself or renew itself indefinitely. That allows them to generate various cell types and even regenerate an entire organ.

The Journal article quotes Nygard as saying, “Stem cell therapy today in the world is the biggest discovery of our times. In stem cells we find all kinds of cures. Our own body can cure ourselves.”

This is what political leaders and local community activists are objecting to?

We have to be so careful every time we get on the bully pulpit and speak out on issues we don’t know enough about. The problem is that many individuals simply listen to the ‘so-called talk’ on the issue, which is really dangerous. At the very least, Bahamians should demand of these community leaders and activists that they do their homework and put time and effort into conducting research before they speak out on an issue.

Religious leaders who have an objection to the use of stem cell, are you saying that God does not want us to make use of the ability to heal ourselves using the cells that our Creator has placed in our own bodies?

Are you saying that God is saying to us, only grow so much and then stop; only advance your civilization this much then stop; only develop certain specific remedies to cure illnesses then stop?

Stem cells are already being used in the treatment of some cancers. So, research to continue to explore stem cells should not happen in The Bahamas?

At the risk of belaboring the point, it seems so foolish to object to the use of the cells found in our own bodies to heal ourselves. What a disservice to so many Bahamians suffering from various diseases and not having access to all the possible treatments or the funds to become well again. Nygard’s medical facility established in The Bahamas could no doubt help with that.

Environmental activist Vivian Whylly while appearing on The Jones Communications The Platform, expressed disappointment in the Opposition Leader, who is a medical doctor, with respect to this.

Given that five members of his nuclear family died, and four of them died from cancer, Mr. Whylly is very upset that a medical doctor would decry stem cell research in The Bahamas and claim that it is only to benefit one individual. Mr. Whylly finds that shameful and selfish of the opposition leader most especially because he is a medical doctor.

Mr. Whylly, who has admitted to also having cancer, asks the question, “He [Opposition Leader] wants me to vote for a person like him or a party like that that is coming up against common sense with nonsense?”

Isn’t the Bahamas considered to have one of the highest cancer rates per capita in the world? The bottom line is that we have too many Bahamians suffering from cancer in The Bahamas to be looking a gifted horse in the mouth for no good reason and that could possibly help thousands of our own people. We can’t let selfish politically motivated individuals with their own agendas stop our progress and cause our people to suffer medically because of it.

Bahamians, what are you going to do fix this? And quickly before Mr. Nygard builds his facility elsewhere.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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