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Progressive Liberal Party Senator Jobeth Coleby-Davis  said yesterday  that the government seems to be out of touch with millennials. 

Senator Davis  says  that a major concern with this age group is that the  country’s leaders are not leading with them in mind. 

Appearing on the  Love 97 Radio Programme Jones and Company, the Senator said, “we still have baby boomers leading the millennial generation, and how can you connect to us if you do not have millennials as a part of your team?

“If you look at how this government has set up their Cabinet, they had young persons that ran. They had young persons that were selected to represent various constituencies, but those persons did not get a seat at the actual table where the actual decisions are being made,” she added. 

Mrs  Coleby-Davis  said that this is important with regard to determining which direction the country should go. 

“They would be able to tell them, wait. Instead of trying to sign off another hotel deal, millennials actually want to be entrepreneurs. So, how about we bring some industries in here, and try to find more ways to build more young entrepreneurs in The Bahamas.”

The PLP senator said that the only way to patch this disconnect is to actually give millennials an opportunity to sit at the table and make decisions.

She said, “when Pindling was in power, he represented a generation of  women wanting to vote, men wanting to vote, but didn’t own land, persons that wanted to work in the banks and didn’t want to just be housekeepers, and the taxi cab generation.

“He connected with all of the average Bahamian stories,  because that was the group he came out of. Remember, he was young. He wasn’t always old. So, when he represented; he connected to the people in the country  and their needs.”

When asked if the Christie administration was also out of touch with millennials, she said, “in some ways there probably was a disconnect, but I think that a lot of persons that I speak to who may  have even supported the current administration, are saying that they felt like the would’ve gotten more when the PLP was in power.

“They felt like their needs were considered. They felt like they were doing things for them to make it. You would hear stories on the street now where people are saying that they’ve never been this frustrated, never been this broke, or scrapping to make a living. The younger generation felt as though they were actually surviving under the PLP,” said Ms. Coleby-Davis. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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