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The Torch Bearers Youth Association says the Free National Movement continues to be the epicenter for good governance and youth engagement  in the country. During  a Press Conference yesterday afternoon at the FNM Headquarters, the Executives of the  Torchbearers outlined plans  their upcoming Conference. 

Carlyle Bethel, President of the  Youth Association  said ,“shortly after the FNM was formed in October 1971, the Party established the Torchbearers Association in 1972.  The Party realized the need for positive social and political activities among Bahamian youth.  Thus, the Torchbearers Youth Association was formed.

“The FNM has an excellent track record for youth empowerment.  Under the leadership of the Most Hon. Hubert A. Minnis, the FNM has built on the core belief of youth empowerment and involvement.  We have seen this manifest itself in numerous government policies and programs that focus on Education, Entrepreneurship and Employability.  The FNM is the only political party that truly gives young people a seat at the table.”

“Although the PLP was formed almost 2 decades before the FNM TYA became the first official and constitutionally recognized political youth organization in the country and might I add, most effective and active to this day!

“The aim and objectives of TYA are to establish of TYA are to establish a Youth Association, which will truly reflect the political, social, cultural and economic aspirations of the youth of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and to help elect, establish and maintain a government that will do the same.

“We affirm and preserve the principles of a democratic government in The Bahamas and strive to put into effect the programs and policies of the FNM as outlined in the Manifesto.

“We liaise with leaders of the Party to provide feedback on current policy issues from a youth perspective, while grooming young, future leaders of the Party and Country.

“We aim to foster a spirit of love, caring and sharing among the Bahamian people and to assist in the implementation, as far  material resources allow, programs designed to provide assistance to young people in the areas of education, health, law, culture, employment and physical and spiritual well-being.”

“We aim to promote accountability, high ethical standards and dedicated and efficient service to public life.”

“The main focus of this TYA National Executive is to get young people throughout The Bahamas engaged and active in the political process at the community and constituency level.  It is at the community level that we hope to change lives.  We believe that a bottom-up approach is the best way to empower people to make a positive change in their own community.  Our District Association Initiative is our main avenue to accomplish this.  The District Association have a mandate to work with the various constituencies in their district to engage, inspire and empower young people.”

Mr. Bethel advised that, “On Wednesday, May 29th at 6 pm, we will hold “A Road to Convention Pep Rally”  at  the FNM National Headquarters.  There will be  music, entertainment and dynamic speakers. We invite all Bahamians to attend

 “Throughout the month of June, we will be hosting a series if Town Hall Meetings throughout New Providence under the theme, “What’s in the Budget for Youth” that will focus on breaking down the details of the Government’s Budget relevant to young people while providing an opportunity for young people to ask questions and get information on key issues, policies and programs.  We will also continue the launches of our District Associations throughout New Providence and the Family Islands,” said Bethel.

“In addition to these events, TYA is planning its upcoming Youth Convention.  The Party has given TYA full autonomy in the planning and execution of this event. 

“TYA is not an Association of one.  We have a diverse group of humble, dedicated and committed members who work tirelessly to help TYA achieve all that it has and will in the future.

“We invite young people who are interested in getting involved in nation building to reach out to us via Facebook or Instagram or come to one of our monthly General Body Meetings that are held at FNM National Headquarters on the last Wednesday of each month at 7pm. After all, politics is only as good as the people involved.  

“We remain humble, dedicated and committed,” he said.

Danielle Miller, Committee Chair gave more details on the Party’s upcoming Youth Convention. “During the 2017 Campaign, the FNM promised opportunities for Bahamian ownership and economic growth.  A vast majority of the plans presented were tailored to the nation’s young people, which were highlighted during our 2017 Youth Convention.  From this Administration’s election to Office, to present, that mandate has not changed. In its two-year tenure, our Free National Movement has caused for the establishment of initiatives that offer grants, scholarships and development courses to young persons all over The Bahamas.

“The Free National Movement has and continues to be epicenter of youth engagement and governance in our country.  The promises of youth engagement and opportunities for young people were outlined in our Manifesto and have translated to real policy and action to our government.  To reassure the Nation that the FNM has placed young people and succession planning as a top priority in our national development, we will host a Torchbearers Convention under the theme. “A Future Secured:  Access Granted”.  On Thursday, August 15th and Friday, August 16th, people from across The Bahamas will assemble at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort at 7 pm.  The Convention will highlight three of our government’s focal priorities – Education, Entrepreneurship and Employability.”

She further advised that “the Evening Sessions are open to the public and will be broadcasted live on Television and Facebook.  There will be music entertainment and a dynamic lineup of speakers.

“Closed Day Sessions for TYA Members in good standing will revolve around policy creation, leadership, political training and campaign organizing.”

She said  that “The Torchbeareres Youth Assoociation is not just an event for our members to take center stage and share the plans, visions, policies and programs that our FNM Government had implemented for young people. It is our intention to deliver a Youth Convention that builds skills and capacity in our organization, and strengthens the foundations of teamwork, leadership and governance,”said Ms. Miller.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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