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The Free National Movement (FNM) yesterday said the Opposition Progressive Liberal Party  is dodging responsibility for the fraud taking place at the National Sports authority (NSA) during the Christie Administration. 

In a statement,  the party expressed that the  PLP  may “never come to grips” the reality of such corrupt behavior. 

It said, “every time the government turns another stone on corruption, the woeful PLP tries to claim there’s nothing to it. All three stooges of the PLP, Brave Davis, his instrument Fred Mitchell and their newest protégé Chester Cooper have claimed the NSA  scandal  isn’t a big deal and that the Auditor General conspired to produce a false report.”

It added, ““their accusation against the office of the Auditor General is irresponsible and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Rather than rejecting the corruption that stains their image, the PLP makes the unbelievable claim that it doesn’t exist, which is a lie that not a soul in The Bahamas believes.

“Any reasonable political party would understand the benefit in denouncing its own wrongdoing and moving forward to improve its image and maintain relevance, but the PLP’s pride coupled with their marriage to corruption, keeps them driving towards the edge of the cliff.”,  the FNM said. 

It added, “every time an instance of corruption is exposed, Davis and the rest of the PLP’s miserable leadership attempt  to say it’s nothing to  it;  of course, nearly every instance of corruption is tied to them or else they would certainly make a deal out of it. This is the party that spent five years turning corruption into an art form, allowing our government to lose millions in revenue while enriching themselves, and now they are grasping to hang on to the system that allowed their corruption to flourish.”

The governing party also said that the PLP, instead of assisting with the modernization and strengthening of government agencies, are “crying conspiracy” every time the government opens an investigation.   

It said, “The FNM remains hopeful that the PLP will soon understand that the folly of their ways is out in the open and highlighted for everyone to see. There is no sense in pretending that the actions at the NSA never took place, and it is negligible to state a bold-faced lie that these investigations are the

product of a conspiracy.”

“Brave Davis and his PLP cohorts have turned their backs on Bahamians, but the FNM remains hopeful that they will soon turn their back on the corruption that pollutes our Nation and holds opportunity hostage. Your FNM government will continue working to make corruption a relic of history because Bahamians deserve a government that works for them.”, it added. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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