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The proposed restructuring of the New Providence Landfill  and the revelation from the group tasked with transforming it, that foreign workers will be brought in to manage its day to day process have  been  critical points  for Bahamians. However, Minister with responsibility for the Landfill Ramauld Ferriera told reporters that he respects the company’s business plan and model and  sees  nothing wrong with the transfer of information and the transfer of skills and knowledge. 

“In terms of Mr. Dean’s work plan, it’s his work plan [and] its not just him it’s a whole group, it’s Waste Resources Development Limited and Providence Advisers.  Of course, you know the government has brought about a transformative change at the New Providence Sanitary Landfill.

“We’ve executed, probably the first of its kind in the country;  certainly maybe even in the region, a public private partnership where this entity takes over the day to day management of the New Providence Sanitary Landfill. So, obviously there are things that are within their discretion that are within their business model, within their business plan that they have to execute.

“There  is actually nothing wrong with the transfer of information and the transfer of skills and knowledge I find that as a good thing,” Mr. Ferriera said.

The Environment Minister insisted that “the most important thing” is to ensure that there is “effective management” of the landfill  “one that results in minimal amount of intermittent fires.

“I think that that is the real rut, the [real] crux of the matter,  because you had persons whose lives were disrupted for weeks, schools, businesses, residents and I mean that’s the real issue. 

“How effectively will this be run, will we have fires, will we have recycling on land, will we have streaming of waste? and all of these things are a part of the business model that they intend to bring on stream,” Mr. Ferriera said. 

As for Waste Resource Development Group’s future work force, Mr. Ferriera said there will be hiring of Bahamians.

“In terms of hiring Bahamians for the job, of course Mr. Dean is a Bahamian and so is Mr. Kerr and so, they will be very concerned about bringing Bahamians in. 

“I respect that, I respect their business plan and I am very confident that they will do as they project and at the right time Bahamians will be brought on stream to take over the full management.

 Just recently, United Sanitation President Henry Dean said  if all goes as planned, the recycling programme will be introduced at the New Providence Landfill within six to 12 months. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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