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Environmentalists Continue Fight to Preserve Lighthouse Point

In a statement yesterday, environmental groups said Disney Cruise Line Island Development’s June 12letter was a dismissive response to the detailed letter sent by the groups on the inadequacy of Disney’s environmental review.

In that letter, Disney reiterated that the company will only move forward with the development if it could in an environmentally responsible manner.

Yesterday, environmentalists said Disney still hasn’t replied to the specific questions in the stop Disney- Last Chance campaign’s petition.

The statement said DCL continues to downplay the impact of this massive project, the centerpiece of which is a $250 million, .6 mile- long pier that would cut across coral reef and would be used to transport up to 20,000 passengers a week to its exclusive facilities.

In just three weeks, the campaign gathered more than 40,000 supporters and continues to climb.

Meantime, Minister of Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar maintained that this project will go on.

“First of all, this is to do with The Bahamas, so how many of them are Bahamians? How many of them are citizens of this country? Secondly, what is the opinion of the people on the ground in South Eleuthera most importantly?” he asked.   

“Don’t focus on how many people sign a petition. Many of them I’m sure don’t even live in The Bahamas and everyone is concerned about The Bahamas and trust me, we are concerned about the environment too.” 

The government feels comfortable he said that Disney will do everything in its power to ensure that the environment is protected.

Disney plans to development a $400 million cruise port and entertainment facility at Lighthouse Point.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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