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Centreville Residents Have Proper Toilets

Centerville Member of Parliament Reece Chipman said the issue of outdoor toilets has turned out a little different than he anticipated as most residents in his constituency have toilets with proper plumbing. 

Back in March of 2018, Mr. Chipman would have indicated that he intended to rid his constituents of the longstanding practice, but he said that he realized a distinct different between pit latrines and outdoor toilet facilities. 

He said, “When you go around the neighborhood, you realize that the pit latrines that people used way back when are not in existence anymore.”

“Now you have toilets on the outside where there is some form of plumbing. In those cases, you pretty much just have to determine whether there is adequate plumbing or not.”

In fact, Mr. Chipman said he has given his constituents the option of removing or keeping these facilities.  

He said that educating the masses on the difference between the two forms of outdoor toilet facilities is extremely important considering the politicization of the longstanding issue. 

“Most places in Centerville, if the toilet is on the outside, they have plumbing facilities. However, there are cases where pit latrines would have existed. In those cases, we would have asked residents or landlords if they would like us to remove them if they’re not using it for something that is environmentally safe,” he said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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