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Bahamians Say They Want Change

Officials at the Registrar General’s Department says voter registration numbers for the 2017 General Election at this time are lower than normal; however Bahamians say they are registering because they want their voice to be heard.

According to Parliamentary Commissioner Sherlyn Hall, in New Providence fewer than 2,000 Bahamians have reportedly registered to vote as of as of September 9th.

The voter registration number for the country stands at around 50,000.

There may be a number of factors that contribute to why the numbers are what they are.

The Bahama Journal went straight to the source and asked Bahamians if they were registered or not.

Most persons responded by saying if they had not registered, they planned to do so because they have a right to.

“I’m not registered. But I will register and I will vote. We are supposed to be a community and we are supposed to be one, as Bahamians. That is the way it should be but it is not. We have allowed many outside influences and cultures to redefine, undo, distort, pervert the foundation and the principles that made us a unique people,” said Ashton McQuay.

“It’s a family decision, it’s a family affair, and although we no longer act like a community or like family, it doesn’t change the principle, the plan, the vision or the truth. So I will vote, because I am Bahamian, because it’s important, because it is right.”

Another respondent echoed similar sentiments.

“I plan on registering. It’s my right,” said Bjorn Burrows.

“One vote equals your voice.”

“I’ve been voting now for the past four elections and I always believe my vote counts so I feel the same way this time,” said Mark Haven.

Others said they would use the opportunity to make a change due to the last five years not being the best it could have been.

“I may not register because there are so many different parties running, it has some people confused,” said Basil Major.

“The other thing is the people offering up themselves as representatives. I live in Carmichael and maybe they should come into the community an let someone who knows the community runs to represent the area.”

“I’m voting for a better alternative said,” Garry Delancy

“People are crying over the hill, there are no jobs and crime is getting out of hand. It seems like they don’t have a grip on it. I’ve tried all parties before.”

Individuals, who have not yet registered and will in the near future will receive a receipt as the new cards have not yet been disseminated.

A central location for the distribution of those cards has not yet been released.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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