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Butler Turner Scolds Gov’t Over Sandals Proceedings


lorettaThe nolle prosequi prosecuted by Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson is just another example of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) putting foreign interests ahead of Bahamians, according to Free National Movement MP for Long Island Loretta Butler Turner.

In a press statement yesterday, Mrs. Butler Turner said the move “is a blatant demonstration of the callous and uncaring attitude of the PLP toward the rights of Bahamian workers”.

“The PLP is disrupting the judicial process and playing fast and loose with the rule of law by intervening in a private matter that affects the lives of hundreds of Bahamian workers and their families,” she said.

“The government has secretly intervened in a court matter, clearly taking sides with foreign interests over hard working Bahamians. The Bahamas Court, the arbiter and proper place for justice to be carried out for all, is being circumvented by a heavy-handed, non-transparent and unaccountable administration, which has a habit of siding with foreign interests at the expense of Bahamians.”

Mrs. Butler Turner said the government is “acting in an autocratic and dictatorial manner.”

“It is denying the constitutional rights of Bahamians seeking justice through our judicial system,” she said.

“The Free National Movement condemns this reprehensible act by the government. It is an abuse of power by the Perry Christie-led government and by Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson. This abuse of executive power sends a clarion call to Bahamians that an out of control regime cannot be trusted to govern fairly. The PLP must be removed from office.”

The Long Island MP said to add insult to injury, the workers at Sandals appear to have been caught completely off guard by an action that was implemented approximately over a month ago.

“Instead of allowing the courts to decide the arguments on both sides of the case, the Attorney General stepped in the middle of the case. She became the judge and jury by not giving the workers a chance to state their case in a fair and impartial forum,” she said.

“The people have every right to be extremely suspicious that the Attorney General issued this secret order on the same day that approximately 600 Sandals workers were made redundant. Was the PLP Government conspiring with the owners of the Sandals Resort?

“It is time for the PLP Government to start putting the interests of Bahamians first. Secretly making deals made to preserve political power has consequences for the Bahamian people. The FNM will continue to fight for all Bahamians and to make their interests paramount.”



Written by Jones Bahamas

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