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Wilson Vindicated

Embattled former Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson on the heels of herself and members of “The A Team” were vindicated thanks to a court ruling.

Ms. Wilson as well as Lorraine Knowles and Mizpah Pintard Munroe have been found in good standing and are eligible to appear on the Bahamas Union of Teacher’s ballot next month.

Union executives had charged that there had been large financial discrepancies under Mrs. Wilson’s tenure as president, to which she vehemently denied calling the allegations libel.

“What they would have accused us of was untrue, it was slanderous, libelous and a matter we have already spoken to our lawyers about but we will deal with that in another setting.

“The union would have conducted three forensic audits and three regular audits all of which would have proven not one cent was missing, not one cent was spent on us personally and all of the funds we used was for The Bahamas Union of Teachers,” Mrs. Wilson said.

Now in regards to possible mending of ties between herself and members of the union, Mrs. Wilson said her gripe has not necessarily been with the members but persons that are a part of the executive team.

“Definitely, there has to be some mending and some coming together at the executive.

“My challenges have never arisen from the body of the union, my challenges have always arisen from the executive committee so when you talk about members of the union  I have a very good relationship with them it has been predominantly the executive team I’ve had trouble with,” Mrs. Wilson said.

In December 2014 and again in March 2015, Wilson along with Knowles and Pintard-Munroe were all excluded from the BUT Election Ballot in June 2016.

The ballots did not include president, treasurer and trustee at that time, because Wilson and her two former executives had petitioned the court.

The three suspended BUT executive members had initially petitioned to be reinstated, to have an outside body come in and run the union until the court ruled and were requesting reimbursement of salaries, during their suspensions.

BUT Secretary General, John Musgrove released a press statement on Thursday’s ruling of the matter regarding Wilson, Knowles and Pintard-Munroe versus the BUT by Justice Ian Winder.

Musgrove maintained that Justice Winder said no salaries, monies or benefits requested by the plaintiffs were awarded, because the suspensions of, the plaintiffs were not lifted by the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Written by Jones Bahamas

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