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Water and Sewage Launches WSCMobile App

Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Last year it was reported that, more than 100 billion mobile apps had been downloaded from online stores around the world. Last weekend the Water and Sewerage Corporation, in wanting to meet consumer demand and growing technology in our market, launched the first utilities mobile app that allows customers to report complaints directly from their smartphone.
The Water & Sewerage team launched their mobile app, wscMobile at the Mall at Marathon. The application, went into its final testing phase in late August and after weeks of testing, as well as a small setback caused by Hurricane Matthew, it was finally ready to be launched to the general public.


Customers will now, right in palm of their hands, be able to report issues with their service, view their account statements, check consumption and account balances and pay their WSC bills. The mobile app will also allow non-customers of the Corporation access to services like well-testing and the ability to report leaks.


According to WSC’s GIS (Geographical Information Systems) Manager, Shantelle Lopez, “The Mobile App will allow both customers of the Corporation and non-customers to connect with WSC through their smartphone. Instead of having to visit a WSC location or contacting the Call Centre, customers can now download the app to their smartphone or tablet, and pay bills or lodge complaints at their convenience, 24/7.”


Visna Ambrister, Public Affairs Manager at the Water and Sewerage Corporation said she was excited by the number of persons that had expressed interest in the Corporation’s mobile app. “We decided to host this launch at the Marathon Mall because we knew it was very likely that we would meet our customers, and interested citizens, the reception we have gotten was great! A lot of persons stopped by and were certainly interested in the app and its features, and they continue to be appreciative of the work the Corporation has been doing. The mobile app gives our customers another means to access their accounts. The features of the app will certainly benefit customers and us at the Corporation.”


While the Corporation’s staff was busy informing visitors to its booth about wscMobile, local entertainer, Timico ‘Sawyerboy’ Sawyer entertained the crowds that had gathered and posed for photos with his fans.

“When I heard the staff talking to people about the mobile app I started becoming more and more interested. Things you hear happening in other places around the world like paying your bills online happen right here in The Bahamas! I think what WSC is doing is great, a lot of my fans on social media said they were interested too. There are a lot of features that the app has so it was nice to be a part of the launch.”


The event also aired live on ZNS 1540AM Radio with host Vaughn Miller. Listeners were encouraged to download the App and visit the WSC booth at the Mall to enter to win the grand prize drawing of $500. The lucky winner was Daniel Lubin who said “I was eager to participate and download the App especially because I’m not working right now and really could use the assistance. I was shocked that I won because I had never won anything before”.


In addition to the ability for customers of the corporation to access their accounts and report issues with their service, the app also gives non-customers of the Corporation the ability to report leaks. Ms. Armbrister hopes that everyone with a smartphone or tablet downloads the app and utilizes the “Report a Leak” function. According the Ms. Armbrister, “WSC remains committed to reducing its non-revenue water loses and this particular feature of the app will greatly assist in that effort.”


During our time at the Mall, the Corporation had an opportunity to speak to many customers of the Water and Sewerage Corporation like Ms. Jennifer McKenzie; said she would definitely give the app a try. “Usually, I go to Cash N Go to pay my utility bills either during my lunch break or when I am off and its stressing because several times the lines were too long for me to wait. But with this app, I can pay my bill while having lunch at the office or while at home during the night. That is great and super convenient.”


In addition to the releasing its mobile app, the Corporation also used the opportunity to inform non-customers of the Corporation’s latest 50% discount on sign-up fees incentive after Hurricane Matthew. “Many people have issues with their wells, contamination, power, etc.,” said Armbrister. “We are giving them the chance to sign up for 50% off as a new or returning customer. We hope they will see the improvements we’ve made and that we had water on all through the storm.”


To download WSCMobile visit the Android Marketplace or Apple App store and search WSCMobile or visit .




Written by Jones Bahamas

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