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Victimisation Spree Exposed- Minnis To Reveal Names

Free National Movement (FNM) Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis has vowed to expose Health Minister Dr. Perry Gomez, whom he alleges has embarked on a victimisation spree on various medical personnel at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH).

The former health minister said he will detail his findings on July 25 when parliament resumes.

Dr. Minnis told the Bahama Journal Sunday that Minister Gomez has a personal vendetta with a select group of hospital staff at PMH and is doing everything within his power to squeeze those individuals out of the public healthcare facility.

Dr. Minnis’ accusations came after the government called PMH Administrator Coralee Adderley into a meeting last Thursday and informed her that it would terminate her contract.

“For her to have 18 months left on her contract and to be called in on Thursday [and told] that the government wants to terminate her contract is ridiculous. When you look at her records, they are all stellar and excellent throughout her career at PMH. And it’s not only Mrs. Adderley that the government has launched this attack against, they are also doing it to other senior medical personnel in their too,” Dr. Minnis said.

“They have called these persons in and asked them to resign. These same individuals have called me for advice on what they should do and I have told them not to resign. Just because the government believes these people are FNM supporters does not give them a right to do this. These people are healthcare professionals; they are no concerned about politics.”

Dr. Minnis said after all of the hard work and dedication that Mrs. Adderley offered to the development at PMH, the government should be ashamed of itself for what it is doing.

He suggests that Minister Gomez’s attack on Mrs. Adderley is personally driven.

“I know that there have been some disagreements between Mrs. Adderley and Minister Gomez, but she is a professional and has always worked accordingly. She is the only board certified healthcare professional with her qualifications in the healthcare system and has been so instrumental in the development of the hospital’s renovation and expansion and knows exactly where the healthcare system is trying to go. There is absolutely no reason for this to be happening,” Dr. Minnis said.

“There were no complaints when Mrs. Adderley served under the previous Christie led administration and there were no complaints when she served under the FNM and both assessed her as excellent and stellar. So, there has to be something personal here and this is a matter that is not going to stop here, I am going to take this to parliament, and I am going to bring it up again and expose other things.”
Adding insult to injury, Dr. Minnis said the government not only sought to terminate its contract with Mrs. Adderley, but also only offered her one month’s salary upon termination.

“One month’s salary . . . one month. That is ridiculous and the contract is supposed to last for another 18 months. I will expose everything about this and other matters when we return to Parliament and I will show categorically that this is all a part of victimisation,” Dr. Minnis said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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