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UTEB Raises Concerns About COB

Vice President of the Union of Tertiary Education of The Bahamas (UTEB) Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson said yesterday that while the lack of a president at the College of The Bahamas (COB) is disheartening, one of the pressing issues that tops UTEB’S list of concerns is communication and consultation.

“We need to be seen as partners in the institution,” she said

“We work in the institution and we love it, so we want to see the institution do well. We feel that the decision should not only be made at the top but it is important to involve us at the ground level.”

She said there are some things that they would like to see done in the institution but without communication and consultation nothing can be done to provide a good environment for the staff to work in.

Mrs Isaacs-Dotson added that the union is also heavily concerned that its industrial agreement has been expired for almost a year now.

She also said infrastructure is also on the list of concerns which include electrical and mold issues and even an eating facility in the form of a cafeteria for its students and staff.

During an interview with the Bahama Journal yesterday President of UTEB Mark Humes said without a president the institution lacks leadership which falls on its staff.

“We do have an acting President” he said

“We would have hoped that the president-elect would have been here to set the tone and course and direction for this academic year leading us into university and without that we are still left in limbo.”

Mr. Humes said the particular communication barriers and disarray within staff and faculty is also a direct effect of the absence of a president.

The college council has recommended that former COB president Dr. Rodney Smith be selected as president in a press release issued on Sunday by representatives of the (UTEB).

Orientation for new students began last Friday and official advisements will begin this Wednesday and Thursday.

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