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US University Run For Cancer Cure

Scores of Ohio State University Alumni bombarded Pompey Square yesterday for a fun/run walk, a part of the University’s annual “Buckeye Cruise For Cancer”.

For  the second year in a row, the Buckeyes took a cruise to Nassau with approximately 1,000 passengers who came to participate in raising funds for cancer.

Runners covered three miles, while those walking walked a mile from Pompey Square to Arawak Cay and back to the cruise ship. The University partnered with Bahamas Road Masters Club.

Race Director David Babner said the Buckeye Cruise For Cancer has raised more than $100 million in funds through out the years, and was hoping to raise at least $3.5 million on the cruise.

Alumnus of Ohio State, National Security Minister, Marvin Dames  said he was “extremely proud”.

“What we have is the Buckeye nation in The Bahamas and they are here for a very special cause this is actually their second year I was told,  and their 12th year anniversary raising funds for cancer research for their University Hospital and other special causes,” Mr. Dames said.

Having lost his mother to cancer some years ago, Mr. Dames said it was heartwarming that his alumni gathered in The Bahamas to raise funds and commended the organizers.

“Today you are here for a very special occasion and I think that ought to be commended and I also commend the members of the Bahamas Road Masters Club as well.

“It is always heartwarming to know that people gather in a place to raise funds for very special occasions and cancer is something that is wreaking havoc across our globe.

“If  we choose to do nothing, as each year passes numbers will continue to grow exponentially. Each and everyone of us here, I’m certain would have a very special story about losing a loved one or having a loved one with cancer.

“I experienced that in 2000 when my mom discovered that she had cancer and within six weeks of being diagnosed she passed away, within six weeks. Many of you can tell of a similar story. So, your purpose here today is a very special one, and we applaud you,” Mr. Dames told the organizers.

He also alluded to the fact that Buckeyes coming for the second year brings a hope of building a strong relation with the University.

“Our  Minister of Tourism must be extremely excited because Ohio State University as most people know is one of the most largest Universities throughout the United States. And their alumni base is extremely strong and very diverse and this is an opportunity for us as a country to build a relationship with such a very large institution that can go well for us in years to come.

“Not only toward bringing more visitors to the country but also working with cancer research. Who knows what the possibilities are and I would hope at some point there would be a connection between whats happening here today and Our Ministry of Health.

“I will most certainly be speaking with the Minister of Health and certainly the organizers to see how that can be developed,” Mr. Dames said.

Director General for Tourism, Joy Jibrilu was also at the event and remarked that the event was an exciting one welcoming the University and partnering with them.

The race was expected to raise some $45,000.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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