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Urban Renewal and Baha Mar Support the “Love Your Country” Campaign

Urban Renewal’s “Love Your Country Campaign” aired on Love 97’s Issues of the Day last Thursday to drum up support for youth employment, as well as encourage the inner city communities to go to church and simply spread the word of Christ.

The radio show was supported by Baha Mar employees and was held at the Bishop Alvin Moss Park, behind the Church of God of Prophecy on East Street, between Toote Shop Corner and Sunlight Cottage.

Urban Renewal Co-Chair Algernon Allen said, “I’m so elated after hearing the commitment of the government through the Budget Communication to dealing with matters, which were mentioned by the reverends and pastors here, which are the concern of members of all of the urban communities.

“I particularly quote the prime minister when he says that, ‘in this budget, we are proposing two new interventions, which includes the allocation of $20 million. We will establish a special school for young persons with behavioral issues that militate against their employability’.”

Mr. Allen said the prime minister discussed it as a programme for employment, an apprenticeship program. In addition, Mr. Allen said the government would initiate the apprenticeship programme in partnership with the private sector.

“We will initiate an apprenticeship programme in partnership with the private sector, under which employers would be incentivized through a wage subsidy to employ young persons in positions that will afford them the opportunity to acquire vital basic job skills,” said Mr. Allen.

“We intend, Mr. Jones, to use Urban Renewal as a vehicle for this apprenticeship programme that will very powerfully impact upon these urban communities,” said Mr. Allen.

Also at the event was former police officer Hulan Hanna, who added this comment to the new inner city programme to be spearheaded by Urban Renewal.

“When I was active in the police force, I was good at what I did. I say that without being arrogant. I’ve taken the years of experience, the years of professional training, the passion and commitment to this job, I’ve taken that and brought it to what we do here. I tell you that if you want to save this country, you have to touch our young people,” said Hulan Hanna of Urban Renewal.

“You have to touch them at a very impressionable age. You cannot be afraid to roll up your sleeves, ball up your pants and get where people are and immerse yourself. I don’t care what any of the air chair experts say, talk to me. I’m here. I’m at the scene of operations. Talk to me. Talk to my director. Talk to people who are doing it, and who have a passion for it. The only thing I want at the end of the day is for some little child to be able to have a chance to survive and to be able to become someone in this country.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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