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Unionists blast Morton Salt

Irate Trade Unionists say after being around for some 150 years, Morton salt slaps its employees and the labou r board in  the face with wage packages that do not  even put a dent in a quarter of the company’s  resources.

Jennifer Brown, President of Bahamas Industrial Manufacturer and Workers Allied Union says the rates start  of   the wage  package  is   14  per cent  increase in 2018, 15  per  cent  in 2019 and 16 per cent  in 2020. 

Mr. Obie Ferguson says that they are not at all surprised at the actions of Morton Bahamas, as every case that they have  had against the company they  have  taken a lost. 

The Union  leader says,”  the actions of Morton Bahamas are  outright criminal. In addition to the poor wage increase,  employees at Morton Bahamas are being discriminated against, picked on and hugely disrespected.”  

Mr.  Ferguson says that the Trade Union Congress  may not be in control of anything else, but they are in control of a strike, and although they would like to remain civil,  they will do what they must in support of the union and Morton Salt employees. 

Mr. Ferguson says that Morton Bahamas pays the government of the Bahamas for nothing, not even power,  as they have had their own electricity in Inagua, and he wishes for the government or Morton Salt to challenge him on this. 

The TUC stresses that government  intervention is needed in terms of underwriting costs of having matters properly heard   before  the Privy Council in London, England.

Under the advisement of the attorney, they hope to be successful. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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