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Teachers’ Work to Rule Continues

The Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) is not easing up their industrial action on the government as they are continuing with their work-to-rule action.

BUT President said yesterday said that due to Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald’s refusal to grant the union’s wishes or even consider them they will continue their industrial action.

“Bahamas Union of Teachers members remain on work to rule, because the president and executive officers have been denied access to the school premises for meetings, and shop stewards have been denied meetings and even denied permission to put up union notices on the notice board,” she said.

“Teachers left the staff rooms and went in the yard and outside their school gates today in some New Providence schools.”

The BUT president said she was disappointed to hear of Mr. Fitzgerald’s refusal to allow Bahamas Faith Ministries Pastor Dr. Myles Munroe to act as a mediator between the two parties after he offered his services.

“When you have a leader that feels as though they above all, then you have a serious problem,” she said.

“The teachers cry shame on Minister Fitzgerald who refuses to meet with a prominent religious leader and the BUT to have this matter resolved. The Minister of Education is blatantly disregarding instructions from the Prime Minister after a meeting last Friday with the unions. He is a law unto himself.”

During his contribution in the House of Assembly on Wednesday Mr. Fitzgerald said he wasn’t too concerned whether or not teachers participated in after school activities as long as they were doing their job and teaching between normal school hours.

However, Mrs. Wilson said the minister has no respect for the amount of young Bahamians that depend on sports scholarships to get a college education and the importance after school practice and activities are to them.

She added that if he continues in this fashion, then the union will have to step up its action.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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