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Teachers Union Demands Talks

Bahamas Union of  Teachers (BUT) President, Belinda Wilson’s demanding a meeting with Educational officials as she said the BUT is stalled in negotiations.

This past weekend, the BUT president promised that today, Educational Officials will be sent a letter demanding that talks for the Union’s new industrial agreement begin, adding that the Ministry of Education fails to communicate.

“I wonder when the negotiations started, and I want to say that a lot of times ministers or persons from the other side would give information that is incorrect.

“The Bahamas Union of Teachers presented an agreement to the government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas through the Minister of Education June 20, 2018. To date, I do not have a counter proposal, I do not have any information from education as to who are the members of their team and we do not have a counter proposal.

However I promise you they will get a letter by Monday [today], and they are going to be given seven days for us to get to the table, because our agreement would have expired from June 30, 2018,” Mrs. Wilson said.

Mrs. Wilson added should education officials stench, then the Union would have to file a trade dispute.

“I’m saying it’s sickening that we cannot follow the policies or the laws that are presently in place. And what is even worse is when Education or the government does not communicate with you.

“If you presented them with a document nine months ago, and they’re having a challenge getting us a counter proposal, then write to us formally, we wrote to you formally. We presented a draft proposal to you formally, so write to us.

“February 7 was the deadline for them to present their counter proposal to us, but it’s almost April 7.

“So, if you’re having a challenge, just communicate to us,” Mrs. Wilson said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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