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Taxicab Drivers Raise Concerns Over Unhealthy Working Conditions

Taxicab drivers stationed along Prince George Wharf are raised concerns on Friday about a number of issues that are negatively impacting their ability to do their jobs

During a press conference, the taxicab drivers, along with President of the Taxi Cab Union Philip Watkins and Union Chairman Maxwell Adderley expressed their frustrations concerning their working conditions.

The taxicab drivers said they are occasionally harassed by police officers and unfortunately they are always given unnecessary tickets.

In addition, the taxicab drivers have to deal with unhygienic working conditions, which include unsanitary restrooms.

The taxicab drivers are asking for an immediate change as they believe that they are being treated unfairly and no one is listening.

The taxicab drivers added that they have expressed their concerns to the government over a year ago and nothing has been done to address their situation as yet.

“We want to send a strong message to the government that we have been pushed enough and enough is enough!” Watkins said.

Another concern for the taxicab drivers is the new trolley system that will be put in place. This system is a complimentary shuttle service that will take fares into the Downtown area from the western direction of Arawak Cay to Market Street in the East and South of the old City Market building on Market Street.

Mr. Watkins further emphasized that if the government decides to follow through with this particular idea then taxicab drivers can ultimately be in huge trouble.

This will mean that they will be struggling even more than they are now because they will not be making the necessary income due to the fact that the trolley will be complimentary.

This idea will put them out of business and fast. The taxicab drivers are waiting in anticipation to meet with the government to sort out an agreement.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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