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Six Young Men Remanded to Fox Hill

Six young men were taken before Magistrate’s Court yesterday on charges of armed robbery and the possession of a handgun and offensive instruments.


Appearing before Magistrate Samuel McKinney, one of the young men, Ahmad Armbrister was charged with four counts of armed robbery, indictable offenses, and two counts of causing harm.


Armbrister was also charged with one count of possession of an offensive instrument, namely a black handgun.


It is alleged that on Saturday, February 25 of this year, while armed with a black handgun, Armbrister robbed Dereck Higgs of a cell phone and a white Nissan Skyline, which was the property of Jacqueline Higgs. It is also alleged that on the same date Armbrister robbed Lavern McKenzie of a cell phone and $68 in cash, and Howard Greene of his cell phone.


Further, Armbrister was charged with causing grievous harm to both Mckenzie and Greene, he was further charged with the armed robbery of Troy Edwards on October 6.


Magistrate McKinney explained to Armbrister, that although the charge of causing harm is not an indictable offense, because it was committed during the crime of robbery, he will answer to all charges at the same time and was not required to enter a plea.


For these offenses, Armbrister was remanded to The Bahamas Department of Corrections until December 15 when he returns for a Voluntary Bill of Indictment (VBI).


In a separate matter Armbrister was charged, along with four other young men with possession of offensive tools for burglary.


It is alleged that on Sunday October 8, Javon Edwards, Tomico Williams, Stephon Gibson, Devine Ferguson and Armbrister were found in possession of tools for committing an offense.


Edwards, Williams, and Ferguson were further charged with resisting arrest.


It is alleged that the three men, while on Bernard Road resisted arrest by Corporal Frasier of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.


All but Armbrister pleaded not guilty, while Armbrister pleaded guilty to the charges.


They all return to court for this matter on November 23 to have a date set for trial; with the exception of Armbrister, who returns to court today for presentation of details.


The sixth defendant to appear before Magistrate McKinney, Eric Ferguson had two charges levied against him; one count of armed robbery and one count of causing harm.

It is alleged that on October 8th Ferguson, armed with a black handgun robbed a woman of her gold chain, a gold Gucci watch and a cell phone.


He was further charged with causing grievous harm to the woman on the same day. He too was not required to enter a plea and was remanded to The Bahamas Department of Corrections until December 15th when he returns for a VBI.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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