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Shining A Light On Dark Corners

The Clifton Review

The Clifton Review is a bi-weekly column that examines the question of the Clifton project along with the evolution of the war between two billionaires, the links to unsavory characters, the use of the courts for personal agendas, the involvement of a political party, and the attacks on the Government of The Bahamas.

We covered the start of this war with articles describing the battle over easement rights, the mysterious burning of a home, the blocks to rebuilding, and countless questionable court filings. This series of articles asks the needed questions and presents the arguments in full.


By P.J. Malone

“The world is too dangerous to live in, not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen” (Albert Einstein)

Fearful of boring you with the same old tune, we thought it time to, once again, put “The Clifton Review” in perspective.

The more we dug with our research into the Clifton Bay situation, the more we uncovered ‘shady dealings’ with respect to what was going on. It was shocking to discover the rank hypocrisy, the depth of the persecution, and the amount of injustices enacted against fashion mogul Peter Nygard by certain groups of individuals.

The extent to which the individuals were ‘getting away’ with unjust attacks against Peter Nygard astounded us. Frankly, the unfairness of it all bothered us.

It is human nature to become incensed by injustices, but the question is always, ‘what do you do about it?’

As Edmund Burke, the Scotsman who became a British Parliamentarian, famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

It has become absolutely necessary to shine a light on the dark corners in our little Commonwealth. It became necessary to disclose everything we were discovering about the Clifton affair.

With the unexpected revelations, “The Clifton Review” took on a life of its own.  And when faced with threats, it became even more important to stand up for ‘right’. Why?

How can we live with ourselves if we silently stand by and watch the ill treatment of someone who has done so much good for Bahamians?

How can we live with ourselves if we silently stand by and allow certain individuals to act as if this country belongs to them to do with as they please even when it is detrimental to our nation?

How can we live with ourselves if we hand power over to those who would abuse our systems and play us for fools because we silently stood by?

How can we live with ourselves if we allow a foreigner to use his millions to wreak havoc in our country because he thinks he can use our country for his selfish agenda and his interest in destroying Peter Nygard?

As Edmund Burke has also said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” We know that nobody wants evil to triumph. So we must all do our part to stand up for right however small it may be.

Now to you who would wish us harm, know that your threats of harm simply embolden this writer. We will not stop ringing the bell to alert the town square of impending danger from your constant diabolical machinations.

Sentiments expressed in a recent statement by Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts about an individual who claimed to be apolitical and claimed to have the best interest of the people at heart, is quite applicable to you:

“It was never about the interests of the Bahamian people; it was never about protecting the environment and it was never about good governance. It was always about the deceitful manipulation of the Bahamian people in a dishonest pursuit of selfish political interests, nothing more, and nothing less.”

We will continue to shine a light on your dark corners. Because, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

So at the risk of incessantly belaboring the point, we will continue to shine a light; we will continue to sound the drums and alert the world to evil doings in the Clifton affair.

Even if we are simply beating a dead horse and ‘evil triumphs’ in the end, you will no longer be able to fool Bahamians because you hid your evil in dark corners. The dark corners will be illuminated for all the world to see your dirty deeds.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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