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Sears Continues to Challenge the PLP

Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) Fort Charlotte candidate Alfred Sears continues to stand his ground as he proceeds in challenging the governing party’s rules during his speech at the Rotary Club’s Meeting Tuesday evening.

Mr. Sears says its only right for him to embrace his authority as a Bahamian citizen and stand up for what he sees is right.

“Someone may say I’m a dissident in my party…but being a dissident questioning and challenging (the system) I see that as being a model of citizenship not simply saying what you think someone may want you to say,” he said.

“Our party committed itself to being a servant leader in other words to say that as leaders we are the servants, not that we are the masters and you are to bow in the face of your servants,” Mr. Sears stated.

Mr. Sears speech was entitled “Refining the Quiet Revolution” which embodied the exact message of a proposed plan the late Sir Lynden Pindling wrote to the College of The Bahamas in 1988.

In the speech, Mr. Sears addressed some of the highlighted plans of the late prime minister.

He sends a clear message suggesting the PLP is not living up to any of the core values of the party’s founders.

“Sir Lynden says there should be a fixed date for elections, why should we have to speculate when elections will be called and engage in psycho analysis of any individual there should be a settled fixed date,” Mr. Sears said.

“There should be an independent electoral commission compromising three commissioners with security and tenure so that we don’t have before every general election constituencies with all kinds of configurations, which sometimes can disturbs several communities,”Mr. Sears said.

“He goes on to say that members of the house of assembly and the senate to the executive should be limited and he proposes a formula. It should be a limit of 35 percent of the membership of the House of Assembly and a limit of 25 percent of the membership of the senate because how can the Cabinet be accountable to the house of assembly when most of the house of assembly is in the Cabinet.

He goes on to say accountability is very important, he himself having been a former minister of finance proposes that we should change the law and hold the minister of finance personally accountable for public funds spent in breach of the legislative.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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