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Roberts: Rollins has seen his last days

Chairman of the PLP Bradley Roberts is deeming the re-election of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) flip-flopper and Fort Charlotte MP Dr. Andre Rollins, an event that is highly unlikely.

 Dr. Minnis stated that no political party at this point would trust Dr. Rollins considering his recent antics within the Free National Movement and outburst in the House of Assembly.

 “No party would trust Rollins. I think he’s seen his last days in the House of Assembly,” he said.

 “Its highly unlikely that he will be re-elected again. Rollins re-elected, that would be the biggest political surprise to ever happen in this Bahamas.”

 Just last week Minister of Labour and National Insurance Shane Gibson said that Chinese investors were concerned about recent comments made by Dr. Rollins in regards to investing with them.

 Mr. Gibson said he was invited to a meeting with them and during the meeting expressed that they were alarmed when they heard the comments by the member for Forth charlotte. He added that they wanted to know if this was a FNM position or whether it was an individual position.

 Mr. Roberts also made requests of the opposition leader to clarify his stance in regards to investing with the Chinese.

 Dr. Rollins in the Lower Chamber said that if the FNM were to become the next government they “reserve the right to void any and all agreements deemed to be contrary to the sovereign interest of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.”

 “We cannot afford to to wait for them to negotiate away thousands of acres of Bahamian land, economic citizenships, thousands of work permits just because they want to be re-elected,” Dr. Rollins said.

 Recently Prime Minister Perry Christie said that appointing Rollins as a candidate under the PLP was a mistake.

 “He has no interest in the people that elected him and gave political promise to. He’s all about himself,” Mr. Roberts said.

 “He has proven once again, that after a few months of joining the FNM after he said he wouldn’t join them, that he is trouble, and look at the turmoil he’s causing them.”

 The Fort Charlotte MP has made it clear that he will not seek a nomination for a constituency under the FNM if Dr. Minnis is re-elected as leader during the next convention.

 Dr. Rollins has openly lambasted Dr. Minnis stating that the leader had no substance or any kind of vision for the party.

 Dr. Rollins along with five other MPs pressured Dr. Minnis into hosting an early convention, and if their demands were not met, the MPs threatened to have him removed as opposition leader.

 The party’s convention is set to be held July 27-29 as opposed to the usual convention time of Novemeber.




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