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Robbery Suspect Killed

Although the Commissioner of Police has been somewhat quiet in the midst of the carnage that plagued the nation in the past few months, he was prompted to host a press conference after a robbery spiraled into the fatal shooting of a man by the hands of a police inspector.

On Thursday, a man who reportedly attempted to stab a law enforcement officer received a gunshot wound to the head.
According to Commissioner Ellison Greenslade, it was around 11:30 a.m. on Thursday when police officers were alerted to a burglary in progress at a home in the Prince Charles Drive area.

Officers responded to the scene where concerned citizens directed them to a suspicious car occupied by three men.
The officers approached the car and attempted to arrest the men and that is when the situation evolved into a dramatic turn in events.

“One of the young men in that group ran away from the responding officer who was first on scene and of course he was pursued by other officers, that pursuit took the officer and the suspect into a bushy area just to the Southern side of Prince Charles Drive (near Commonwealth Bank),” Commissioner Greenslade said.

“While in that bushy area, the officer leading the pursuit, a police inspector, reported that the assailant turned upon him with a knife, attempting to stab him, the police fired a single shot from his police issued pistol hitting the suspect in the head, the suspect fell with his knife still clutched in his hand.”

Commissioner Greenslade added that the victim who is believed to be 27 years of age was transported to the hospital but succumbed to his injury an hour later.

He said the victim was on bail for armed robbery and was being monitored by an electronic monitoring device.
Meanwhile two males ages 23 and 27 are also in police custody in connection that burglary.

A car was also taken into police custody along with a number of items suspected to be stolen property.

When asked if there are any protocols in place for police officers when faced with a suspect wielding a weapon such as a knife, Mr. Greenslade said the inspector was in fear for his life and executed his duty.

“I’m prepared to tell you, police officers will execute their duties, I’ve said to the public you cannot attack a police officer with an edge tool with a dangerous weapon with an illegal; gun and expect that a police officer is going to retreat and allow you to take over The Bahamas, that is not going to happen,” he said.

Commissioner Greenslade added that an independent investigation will be launched into the matter by the Her Majesty’s Coroner.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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