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REVOICE Snags 27,000 Subscribers

REVOICE telephone services offered by Cable Bahamas have performed “extremely well,” according to the company’s head of marketing David Burrows who told Journal Business recently that so far the phone service has already has 27,000 customers with the numbers increasing daily.

“Those 27,000 subscribers represent nearly 27 per cent of the market which if we were to do an analysis of a voice provider coming up against an incumbent like with BTC, you don’t see anything more than a six per cent uptake,” he said.

“Over two years we are at a 27 per cent penetration of the market so we are doing extremely well. We just completed our upgrade and that will assist with improving the services offered and efficiency of the system so we are pleased where we are to date. The upgrade will also allow for cellular services so we are also looking forward to that.”

Mr. Burrows said the recent upgrade will improve their products and services and will help to increase the number of subscribers it has before the end of the year.

“We try to be innovative and stay on the cutting edge,” he said.

“This is business so you have to remain competitive. You have to remain on top of your game or at least a few steps ahead of your rival. We have more we need to do and we will do those things. On our end, we just have to ensure that we offer quality service. Quality service will automatically increase the number of subscribers we have in time to come.”

Mr. Burrows also explained that cellular services will soon be offered to the general public as but he declined to go into any more details about it.

“It’s coming and there is a big announcement about cellular services that will come in due course for our subscribers,” he said.

Cable Bahamas has invested more than $3 million over the last year in a new Metaswitch phone switch and software that will enable new features for REVOICE subscribers and pave the way for cellular services.

The upgrade, done on Sunday, supports the integration of multiple voice services, and will enable the company to combine landline and future mobile services.

Cable Bahamas has been testing the new phone switch and software for several months with tremendous success.

“We have seen that this new platform is a great step forward in telephone service for our country,” Mr. Burrows said.

“We are so pleased to be ahead of the game as we anticipate and respond to the growing needs of our home and business phone customers for today and the future.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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