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Rev C B Moss says “You’ve been Warned”

Executive Director of Bahamas Against Crime Reverend Dr. C.B Moss yesterday said “people of the Bahamas don’t listen” and the crime taking over the nation is an insidious thing, however it is not too late to decrease it.

“This nation has been warned sufficiently over the past eight years” said Rev. Moss. “As much as people hate to hear it, we are deliberately saying, I told you so.”

Just in the past week alone the country’s murder count grew by nine.

One of the murders he pointed out involved a tourist which subsequently had a domino effect on the tourism industry and he claims that is why Bahamians are now worried.

Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe however says that the Embassy’s warnings to its citizen’s comments on the American tourist’s death were understandable.

The embassy’s mandate is to protect them and what they say is not where our focus should lie.

“We should worry about, all of us; we shouldn’t worry about what people say we should worry about what we do,” he said.

Rev. Moss also stressed that crime is not just a police problem.

The government along with police and the citizens must come together and send a strong message to the criminals. Something must be done it needs to be done now.

He pointed out that crime is not the problem and is the result of the problem.

He says the acts of crime come as a result of, lack of education, employment and poverty.

“Many of these criminals have come to me and said these people aren’t serious, they have put a sense of fear in the country.”

The BAC’s first call to action will be a rally that will be held on Sunday June 9th in Rawson Square.

The BAC feels that if the government sees its people coming together to stand up for themselves they would feel more inclined to make haste.

Rev. Moss said he has reached out to Prime Minister Perry Christie and other lead figures to attend and address those in attendance.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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