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Prison Guard Warns Rogue Police Officers

A senior prison guard is sending out a warning to rogue officers as well as inmates guilty of trafficking weapons into Her Majesty’s Prisons (HMP).

Prison Sergeant Emmanuel Jacques said he fears for his life as well as that of his colleagues and predicts that if the trafficking does not stop, another prison guard could be killed.

“That’s why I have no respect for corruption and traffickers because they are cowards,” he said. “I don’t care what rank, I don’t care what gender, I don’t care what family member, trafficking and corruption are wrong.

“And some of us here allow it.”

Sergeant Jacques was speaking at the prison’s memorial service for his fallen colleague, Corporal Dion Bowles, who was fatally stabbed during that January 17th 2006 daring prison escape by four inmates.

Bowles squad mate, Sergeant Jacques said he thought it the perfect opportunity to address this very serious matter.

“Whenever I walk that institution and I see the persons responsible for the death of my squad mate it hurts,” Sgt. Jacques added. “I’m only human. It still hurts and people are still bringing things for these inmates, slipping things through their cells, we still find things on these inmates, they still don’t care.

“As long as we allow trafficking in this prison it could be anyone of us. It could be one of you next.”

Another officer, Sergeant Craignal Wright was brought to tears as he remembered his brush with death at the prison compound in November 1992 after he too was attacked.

Too choked up to even tell the story, Sergeant Wright only endorsed the warning of Sergeant Jacques.

The officers paid tribute in word and song to their fallen comrade who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“He was a friend, a brother, a husband an uncle and a prison officer,” he added.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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