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PM’s Wife Explains Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Mrs. Ann Marie Davis, Spouse of The Prime Minister

Journal Staff Writer

As reports of domestic violence and violence against women and girls are on the rise in the
country and around the world, Wife of the Prime Minister Anne-Marie Davis explained the signs
of an abuser during a rally on Saturday.
The South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists Women’s Ministry Department held
a motorcade and rally under the theme: “Wolves in sheep’s clothing, one voice, end it now.”
Mrs. Davis was the keynote speaker during the event and warned attendees to pay attention to
the patterns of domestic violence.
“Domestic violence follows a pattern. Remember the word a pattern?” she said. “The pattern of
physical or emotional abusive behaviors, which is done to maintain control over an intimate
partner or even a family member. They often abuse us.
“They use fear, guilt, shame, intimidation, techniques to keep victims under control. Abusers
often escalate from verbal abuse and threats to physical violence. The beatings. Stressing you out
making you sick. Beatings escalating all the time until sometimes you die.”
Mrs. Davis also expressed her concerns about teenage relationship abuse that she said is also on
the rise.
“So, I would specifically look at teen violence and teen relationships and indicators that you
could use to spot these wolves in sheep clothing,” Mrs. Davis said.
“Does he criticize what you wear? Does he criticize what you do? Does he criticize your
friends? Does he act jealous when you talk to others? Does he act jealous when you talk to your
friends. Trying to control who you talk to. Does he control who you go out with? Does he get
angry or violent very easily.
“Young people, listen, these are the warning signs. Get out. Get out. OK, now.”
Senate President J. Lashell Adderley, who is a practicing Seventh Day Adventist, was also in
She said it is essential for civic organizations to get involved with important causes.
“Oh, it’s exceptionally important to denounce all forms of violence in The Bahamas,” she said.
“We live in a country where violence against women and girls in particular continues unabated
and there is exceptional need for the church to take a lead in issues such as this.

“It’s a complex issue. I know it’s a multifaceted issue. I know, but it’s vitally important that the
church steps out and the church advocates. The church brings awareness to this issue and to
ensure that our women and our girls and people generally live in a very safe society.”
Senator Adderley said she hopes more denominations will get involved in the cause to end
violence against women and girls.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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