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PM Promises to Tackle Crime

Prime Minister Perry Christie while addressing the matter of crime said that the government is moving around money in the national budget to assist with crime fighting strategies.

Last year’s crime rate broke the country’s record for the most homicides in a year when the murder rate was confirmed to be one short of 150 for the year 2015.

That shocking number of murders in addition to attempted murders, armed robberies, drug possession, sexual assault and many more has even caused the country to be frowned upon internationally as numerous articles and reviews flooded social media and the internet at large about the alleged “alarming crime” throughout the islands of the Bahamas.

Last week, the prime minister said that his government is making preparations to get a tighter grip on crime and that included moving around money in the national budget just to ensure the situation’s better management and eventually reduced.

“It cannot be tolerated,” he said,

“I told the Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade by views. They are strong views. I indicated the need for comprehensive assault on this matter. We will skew the national budget to make to happen. I advise Bahamians that your freedom will e interfered with because we are not going to allow this to continue.”

The prime minster also said the government plans to put more focus on families as he believes that is the root of the issue.

“We will have to stop crime and find ways to get our young people to understand why they must have a civilized approach to their own lives and why it is important for mothers to know that they are in the position to do more,” he said.

“We don’t want to hear them crying “my good son”.”

The Bahamas is already up to four homicides and numerous other serious crimes this year.



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