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PLP Planning For 2022 General election

The next general election is still a few years off, but Progressive Liberal Party National Chairman Fred Mitchell said by the looks of it, things are trending in the direction of the PLP. 

Optimism aside, he said the party cannot get to the point where it is so comfortable, that it believes that victory will simply fall in its lap.

“Even if it’s by government default,  you see how quickly people become disgruntled once you’re not able to deliver results. 

“So, when we become the government, we have to hit the ground running with a set of policies that are thought out and that are certain to be properly executed. 

“One of the huge issues we had the last time was to get the public administration to execute what we actually decided and so we have to fix that problem. 

“There are a number of alliances that we may have to make and a number of compromises that we may have to make because politics is not a static position,” he said.   

 Mr. Mitchell made a call for PLP constituency branches to start actively looking for candidates, determining who would be most suitable to carry the party’s banner in 2022.

“We’ve  listed a set of criteria which we think you ought to consider, one of the ways you would do this is by inviting people in the various branches to come and speak, so you can get a sense of what it is they think, believe and feel and how they can act and conduct themselves as public figures.” 

“We have to get the brightest and the best and we have to start early to look at who would be the brightest and the best to represent us,” he said. 

According to the PLP senator, who at the time was addressing his party’s national general council meeting Thursday evening, the major thing beyond qualifications, is  an understanding of the system  to be a team player.

“It’s going to be very important that whoever joins the slate has to be a team player. One of the difficulties that you see in the present government is that the people there don’t understand what it is to be a part of a team,” the PLP chairman said. 

The  PLP has vowed to win the next general election for its National Chairman Emeritus Bradley Roberts, who died late last month at the age of 74.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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