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PLP Appeals To The Public

Progressive Liberal Party Chairman Fred Mitchell made and appeal to the public to  pay close attention to the PLP’s contribution in The House  of Assembly today.

The debate will be whether the house gives the government the authority to burrow  $35  million to help pay  for the $65 million purchase of the Grand Lucayan  Resort in Grand Bahama, which he described as being ‘a dead hotel’.

  Mr. Mitchell said that he knows a lot of people have pushback  because it’s the PLP,  saying this and that the PLP lost the election.

“Are we going to take $65 million of our hard earned money and dump it down a hole, a hole that has no end?

“They say that this is being done to promote job creation in Grand Bahamas,  but since they have announced this, not one job has been created, that’s the issue. 

“What is the plan? There is no plan, it is just open ended and it appears to just be dumping money down a hole,” he said.

He stressed that the PLP supports the people of Grand Bahamas,   but the PLP wants the money to be spent wisely to create jobs for them and to not waste funds. 

This comes just a few weeks after the government agreed to buy the  Resort for $65 million in an effort to create jobs and to jump start Grand Bahama’s economy.

Shortly  thereafter,  the government made a $10 million deposit on the resort and which followed the notice sent to employees that they are now employees of The Bahamas Government.  

Written by Jones Bahamas

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