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Pensions Act Amendments “ To Retool Public Service”

National  Security  Minister Marvin Dames  says the government  has taken  a step to revitalise and retool the public service and introduce a serious succession planning model and set the public service on a path to creativity, innovation and productivity.


The Minister’s remarks came during a debate in the House of Assembly yesterday to amend section 5 of the Pensions Act to allow a Commissioner of Police to not have to serve 40 years before receiving pension.

Many political observers believe that the  amendment  is mainly  to facilitate  the removal of former Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade from the Royal Bahamas Police Force and to accommodate his recent appointment as High Commissioner of the Bahamas to the Court of Saint James in  London.

He added that there should be a cadre of officers to fill top posts and when persons remain in top positions for too long, they run the risk of becoming complacent and begin to lose the true purpose which is the advancement of the organisation and not themselves.

“This debate should be elevated to one where we begin to discuss how we can encourage the younger generation and prepare themselves  for future leadership.  This, the people’s government   will stop the brain drain,” Dames said.

The Minister  said in the past,  a number of senior public officers  who were on the verge of retirement, were given extensions to continue to serve in their posts.  He  also pointed out that  there are instances where individuals were called out of retirement to serve in high-level positions  which could have been adequately and effectively filled by competent and qualified civil servants who still have years of service to offer.

He said that not allowing young persons to fill roles,  causes  them to stay in or move to other countries where they can find value for their skill.

“Other countries around the world are able to benefit from the expertise of our Bahamian sons and daughters.  When employers here tell them that they are too young, employers from other nations tell them that they are hired.  When some employers here tell them that they will have to wait for another 10 years, employers from other nations tell them that they are the best person for the job.  And while as a nation we have told them to sit small until your name is called, employers from other nations told them to take the position and run with it,” Dames said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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