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Pastors Fear More “Immoral” Issues to be Debated- Gambling Just the Start

A group of local pastors fear that the consideration to legalise gambling is just the beginning of the government publicising talks to outlaw other issues that for years have been taboo in Bahamian culture.

The pastors said in the coming months they believe other “immoral” issues like homosexuality and prostitution will also be debated at the national level for the government to consider making them legal.

The mere fact that the government has fueled a public debate about legalising gambling and hosting a referendum has angered many church leaders.

Co-chair of the Bahamas Christian Council’s recently launched “Save Our Bahamas Vote No” campaign Pastor Alfred Stewart said the mere fact that the government is even considering making gaming legal is a testament to how far they are willing to go in testing the country’s moral values.

“We believe that this is a test for other things that’s on an agenda that others have,” he said. “They’re hoping that this would be a test and we believe that the nation needs to come together to understand why it is critical that we vote no.

“And I don’t mean only say no to gambling but I mean to arrest this wave of ungodliness and stop moving away from the values that we profess as a nation and we covenanted as a nation in 1973 that we would up hold. It’s critical that we stand firm on this one and prepare for the rest that’s coming.”

While Pastor Stewart declined to say just what taboo issues he thinks would be put to the Bahamian people next, he said he just by the looks of things he is certain issues The Bahamas, as a whole, have written off as immoral will soon resurface for consideration to make legal.

“Of course there are more,” he added. “I don’t want to say what I think they are right no but just know that the church is preparing for them.

“There are more on the way. We are preparing ourselves for it and by the grace of God we will put a stop to it. It seems like we want to be following the way of the world especially the more developed countries and our neighbours to the north. We are not going that way.”

Leader of the Bahama Christian Movement Stephen Serette said this issue is just opening floodgates and making way for more immoral issues to be debated.

He minced no words on listing those “immoral” issues he thinks would be given consideration.

“There’s homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, masturbation, phone sex, sweet hearting, buying numbers, obeah, witch craft, voodoo, incest, beastiality; there are so many different issues that you will see the church have to come forward against,” Mr. Serette said.

“We are preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ or our own death whichever comes first. It’s not just about gambling, there are so many issues you will see the church have to fight against soon.”

A group of more than 20 pastors on Thursday officially launched their crusade to encourage more Bahamians to reject the government’s proposal to decriminalise gambling.

The gambling referendum is set for Monday, December 3.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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