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Pair Charged With Fraud

The Financial Crimes/ Anti-Corruption  Unit, the arm of the Police Force tasked with investigating financial crimes and corruption  took three men before the courts yesterday and charged them with a litany of fraud related crimes, including fraud by false pretense, attempted forgery and possession of forged documents. 

Javaughn Miller, 28, of Opulent Drive, was charged with the bulk of the charges and pleaded not guilty to 11 counts of fraud, all occurring between either April 5 and/or April 26, 2019. 

It is alleged that during the time frame, Miller defrauded Discount Air-conditioning on Carmichael Road on two separate occasions, Friday April 5 and sometime between Thursday April 25 and Friday April 26,  of two four ton central-air units totaling $9,667.05.

It is also alleged that on April 5, Miller was in possession of forged documents with intent to defraud, namely a Capital One Visa credit card with the name Hezekiah Thompson, and an American Express credit card in the name of Floyd Oliver.  On April 25, again with the intent to defraud, he was allegedly   in possession of a Chase Bank Visa card, belonging to Floyd Oliver, a Server Bank Visa credit card and a Scotia Bank Master Card, both belonging to Hezekiah Thompson, charges amounting to six. 

On the same date, April 25,  he was also allegedly in possession of a blank visa card, no name attached – all of which Miller  purported to be genuine, and presenting to Discount Air-conditioning. 

Miller was further charged with three counts of uttering forged documents. On April 5 and April 25 with the same Capital One Visa, Chase Bank Visa and American Express Visa cards belonging to Thompson and Oliver respectively. 

Miller was not granted bail by Magistrate ArmbroseArmbrister, but was however advised that he could apply for bail at the Supreme Court.  He was subsequently remanded to the Bahamas Department of Corrections until June 25 for trial. 

Charged with count 12, along-side Miller was 30-year-old Dwight Ferguson of Fair View Heights, who  was charged with receiving 2 four ton Air Conditioning units valued at $7, 412.34, knowing the same to be obtained by an offense. He too pleaded not guilty and was remanded until June 25 for trial.

The youngest of the men,  23-year-old Lorenz Frazier,  was charged with three separate counts including, possession, uttering a forged document and attempted fraud by false pretenses. 

It is alleged that Frazier, on November 28, 2018 was found in possession of a forged document with intent to defraud, namely a Green Leaf Mortgage and Financial Service cheque drawn on Lorenz Frazier, knowing it not to be genuine. 

He was further charged with uttering a forged document on February 28, 2019, namely a Green Leaf Mortgage and Financial Services cheque, drawn on a Bank of The Bahamas Carmichael Road account. 

As for the third count, Frazier was charged with attempted fraud. It is alleged that on November 28, being concerned with others obtained $3,000 from the Bank of The Bahamas Carmichael Road. 

Frazier, who was not represented by counsel, pleaded not guilty to the charges. He was remanded to the BDC until June 24, when he returns for trial. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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