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Nottage: Man Killed over $1 –“Some Crimes We Can Not Stop”

Despite police officials beefing up their presence in crime hotspots throughout the capital by sending more of their men on the streets, National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage admitted Friday that there are some crimes that just will slip through the cracks and there is nothing authorities can do about it.

Love 97 radio talk show Issues of The Day with host Wendall Jones on Friday took the popular show into the Bains Town and Grants Town constituency where, Dr. Nottage, who is the area’s representative appeared as a guest and said from what he has heard the latest killing in that area was the result of a fight over $1.

Less than 24 hours earlier, a 25-year-old man was stabbed to death while playing a street game in that constituency, a prime example, Dr. Nottage said, that despite how many officers are on the streets, some crimes just cannot be prevented.

“Two men, or a man and a boy, living in the same yard, having a gambling game, and one I am told, that it was over $1 and one stabs the other,” he said. “They are in their private yard, in their private house, now you tell me how the police supposed to stop that.

“Then they would say ‘Nottage’ isn’t doing anything.’ But how do you deal with that? This is not a simple problem, it has to do with the values these young people have and the values they get are from their parents.”

Dr. Nottage said this killing is a perfect example to drive home the point that despite the efforts of the police it is a mindset change that is lacking in the country.

“What we are challenged to do, is to provide the kind of society where these things don’t happen,” he added. “In other words the anger that results in somebody deciding that, rather than just having a verbal argument, like we used to, to take a knife or a gun and use it.

“We can deal with that, but we can’t deal with it overnight. We can’t just say, ‘You all stop stabbing or put down the knife,’ they have to have a sense of a certain value.”

He also echoed what the prime minister and top police officials have admitted, in saying that The Bahamas is challenged with crime.

When asked if the government is beyond the capacity to deal with the situation though, Dr. Nottage said the government is doing all it can to win the war.

“The government is doing what the people expect of government,” he added. “Daddy or Big Brother, you could call us whatever you like, we need a peaceful and safe society for our children to grow up in.”

Meantime police are following significant leads into this murder and are expected to bring this matter to a close real soon.

Investigations are ongoing.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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