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Over 85 non-profit organizations yesterday were represented as they joined together for an all day networking event to discuss good governance in the Bahamas during the Civil Society Conclave organized by Org Bahamas.

Various entities such as, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), One Eleuthera Foundation and The University of The Bahamas (UB)  gathered at Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort to collaboratively work toward strengthening and expanding different business sectors’ role in the Bahamas through sharing resources, effective communication and transparency across the business board.

Speaking with the Bahama Journal, Org Bahamas’ Executive Director Matt Aubry said he hopes this conclave will be a fire starter for many more foras in the future.

“Civil society really represents the people and the power of the people.  It’s an organization of people that aren’t government, but they are businesses. They are coming together because they want to make a difference and have positive things in their communities in their nation,” Mr. Aubry  said.

“The broadest definition of Civil Society is any organization or group that is not the government and not a company that is creating solutions, programs and policies while implementing institutions within society,” Org Bahamas’ Communication Coordinator Chauntez Wilson stated.


“It really is a broad range and what unifies us is, we want to make the Bahamas a better place and we’re doing it for the people,” Ms. Wilson asserted.

“The idea to host a forum was actually birthed at a consort meeting at the Inter-American Development Bank, so we are very pleased to be a partner with ORG Bahamas and we’re delighted that civil society organizations from Nassau and the Family Islands are all here represented here.

“There are always calls for papers, opportunities for funding, scholarships, events and activities.  We are very excited that civil society organizations are now being exposed to not only the funding that we have available to our country’s office, but the funding that IDB in general offers to groups that are doing great work,” Gevon Moss, IDB’s civil society liaison officer told The Journal.

Most recently, the IDB launched the ‘WeConnect three’ platform, which is an opportunity for registered civil society organizations in the Bahamas to have the ability to connect with other civil society organizations in the Caribbean region, Latin America and around the world.

One Eleuthera Foundation CEO Shaun Ingraham, who was one of the panelists at the conclave, also added how his foundation will be adding to Civil Societies.

“The sector is not as organized as it should be.  We’ve seen the benefits of organization One Eleuthera Foundation has  brought together to share resources and ideas and we just know it’s the right way to go,” the CEO said.

Mr. Ingraham  added, “everybody thinks that the area is under- resourced.  I don’t think it’s under- resourced, but rather under- organized and managed.  Once better organization is in place, resources can begin to flow.”

One Eleuthera will also offer grants for innovative ideas where there is value to assist in jump starting a business.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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