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No Changes To Labour Day Parade

Participants can expect no major changes to this year’s Labour Day Parade despite the promises made following last year’s tragedy that claimed the lives of four women.

Trade Union Congress General Secretary Tyrone ‘Rock’ Morris assured that the issue of safety and use of vehicles have been addressed.

“We do not believe that the accident was as a result of vehicles that we used  in the parade per say. 

“Of course, we would wish to get closer to the way the parades used to be held years ago, which did not require a lot of vehicles;  but we’re living in a changing world where things are done differently,” he said.  

According to Mr. Morris, the TUC’s focused on reducing vehicular traffic, not eliminating it.

He said, “paying more attention to the safety aspect of it, we are asking our members to reduce the amount of vehicular traffic at the parade, but sometimes its really difficult to eliminate because there are various uses that vehicles are needed for, but our Marshalls have been given the job to ensure that those persons operating vehicles are operating in a manner that is safe.”

Tabitha Haye, Katheleen Rodgers- Fernander, Diane Ferguson and Tameca Gibson were all killed last June when a runaway truck ploughed into the parade.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis called the accident a tragedy, advising members of the public not to engage in “idle speculation” and rumors with regard to the Labor Day tragedy. 

At that time, Trade union leaders urged the government to ban vehicles from the parade. 

Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes at that time said he intended to leave that decision to the unions. 

More than 20 others were injured. Truck driver Travis Sawyer has since been formally charged with four counts of manslaughter by negligence and eight counts of negligently causing harm. He is  on bail until the court trial.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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