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Murders Spark Revival of ‘Peace on the Streets’

Pastor, community activist and former gang member Carlos Reid said he will bring back the ‘Peace on the Streets’ initiative in light of the recent murders in the country.


Speaking moments after visiting the home and family of the eight-year-old boy who was fatality shot on Monday, Reid said the tragedy of the boy’s murder was one of the hardest he’s ever had to deal with.


“For a young boy to be in his house doing his homework and be fatality shot that has to touch all Bahamians. It’s sad because he was not out there getting in problems or breaking in persons’ homes. He was preparing himself to get an education and that bothered me as a father, a pastor and a citizen of the Bahamas,” Reid said.


Reid added that this shooting has caused him and his team to rise up and intensify their efforts against crime.


“We have brought back a program that we had going on in the 90’s called ‘Peace on the Streets.’ We are going to touch every community and school to echo the message that we need peace and unity,” Reid said.


He added that it is ridiculous that nine adolescents were gunned down for the year.


Reid said in speaking with the father of the eight-year-old boy, he was lost for words as it was difficult to fathom what he was feeling and express that in words.


He said the ‘Peace on the Streets’ program have started to touch communities on Wednesday nights and will be on Fowler Street Park next Wednesday to continue the message.


Along with the ‘Peace on the Streets’ program, Reid has helped to organize a team called the ‘Violence Interpreters’ that will visit with affected families to let them know that they’re not alone.


Singer and producer Elnathan Corey Rolle, also known as DJ Counselor, was with Reid at the home of the eight-year-old boy and said he teamed up with ‘Peace on the Streets’ to do his part and invited every community to do their part in the fight against crime.


“Every mother, every big brother must do their part. Whatever is in your home that’s going on illegally must be exposed,” Rolle said.


He said it is a sad state that the country now has ‘terrorists’ using high powered weapons that can pierce through homes and kill persons.


“We all have a part to play. If your children are heading in the wrong direction, be proactive and call for help,” Rolle said.


Rolle and Reid are appealing to the public to partner with them in the ‘Peace on the Streets’ program.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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