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Munroe Ratified For Free Town

After several weeks of contentious back and forth between Progressive Liberal Party supporters, the PLP officially ratified noted Queen’s Council Wayne Munroe as its candidate for the Free Town constituency.

Making the announcement after several hours of suspense was a seemingly emotional Prime Minister Perry Christie at the party’s headquarters on Joe Farrington Rd.

Monroe secured the nod overwhelmingly according to a party insider over Public Hospitals Chairman Senator Frank Smith, who was the constituency’s representative in the previous election.

Mr. Munroe’s ratification was the final one for the PLP.

It had been rumored that Mr. Smith had argued that unlike newcomer Mr. Munroe, he is a long serving and loyal member of the PLP and has done extensive work on the ground to win over voters. The PLP announced back in 2015 that Mr. Munroe had joined the organization.

Mr. Munroe, in the 2012 general election, ran as a candidate for the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) but lost his bid for the Mt Moriah constituency.

Despite the internal struggle between themselves and their supporters, the pair embraced on stage in a show of support after the announcement was made.

Foregoing his prepared speech, Mr. Munroe opted to speak from the heart as he said he was genuinely overwhelmed by the maturity shown by Mr. Smith.

He added this display of unity is what separates the PLP from other political parties most notably the Free National Movement.

“The reason this party is prepared to govern and the other party is not is because of what you just witnessed, Me and Frank knew each other way before this and every time the press would stick a microphone in my face I would always say we are not like those other people.

“When they don’t get their way they take their ball and break a bottle on the court and go home.

“We had this issue because of the sheer quality of persons from whom this great party could choose to send into battle, we ourselves never lost civility, listening to Frank he is focused on the same goal I am, we can never let that other party lead this country,” Mr. Munroe said.

Even though defeated Mr. Smith offered his support and said the party has a much bigger goal to achieve.

“We have a general election to win, we don’t always get what we want but sometimes it’s not always all about us.

“I remain able, ready and willing to serve this great country, as much it is today as it was in 1992 I am ready to serve, Mr. Leader even though it is with some trepidation I accept because I am a man.

“I use a quote from my leader seven times down, eight times up, tonight is not my night, the night belongs to the PLP and the candidate for Free Town Mr. Wayne Munroe,” Mr. Smith said.

During his address to PLP supporters Prime Minister Perry Christie indicated that Throughout the legacy and history of the party, the PLP always looked forward to a result reflects the maturity and strength of the party, therefore he had an incredible sense of gratitude with this nomination.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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