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Mother Offers Reward for Missing Son

Machele Gray, the mother of missing son, Charlton Morley, is offering a $5 thousand reward for anyone who can lead her to the answer of what happened to her son.

Last year September, Ms. Gray made a despairing call for swift action in the case of her missing son 26 year old Charlton Morley.

Charlton has been reported missing since May 3 of last year, and she claims the police has not launched an investigation into the matter.

Ms. Gray said her desperation led her to contact the Minister of National Security, Dr. Bernard Nottage, and she has still not received any satisfaction.

“Since the new year, I’ve been to the top police, Clayton Fernander, and another inspector, and they are all giving me an attitude. When it reach their doorstep then they gonna feel it” lamented Ms. Gray.

Ms. Gray further suggests that the police is not interested in the fate of her son, because during the time that Charlton went missing, he was on bail in connection to armed robbery charges.

Despite Morley’s negative history with the police, Ms. Gray said that her son was generally well behaved and was often provoked, into negative behavior.

Last year September, Ms. Gray said that due to the nonchalant attitude of the police, she, along with family members and church friends conducted independent searches in hopes of finding her son.

“It’s just not right how the police aint checking. I want justice. I want justice for my son,” Ms. Gray continued.

However, the Bahama Journal contacted Chief Superintendent Clayton Fernander, who asserted that the police is actively working along with Ms. Gray, in investigating the circumstances around her son.

According to Ms. Gray, she was informed by good sources that her son was murdered, and she claimed she is certain the police know who is at fault.

Morley was reportedly last seen by his girlfriend on May 1, 2015, when he was picked up from her residence by a male friend.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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